EPOC Cards

Copag Cards is pleased to present a special collector's item for the playing card aficionado, the EPOC Playing Cards. Designed by Maria Leonor Decourt, this artistic take on the classic English style card faces is a truly special deck of cards. Featuring over-sized affectations and abstract imagery on a stunningly bold black plastic card stock, everything about the EPOC deck screams non-traditional with every hand that's dealt. Whether you are simply a collector of unique gaming collectibles, or looking for a distinctive deck for your local money game, EPOC delivers superior quality and a style all it's own.

Copag's EPOC playing card set was conceived and designed by Maria Leonor Decourt as a re-interpretation of the standard English pattern. This popular set will particularly appeal to card collectors.

The EPOC name itself is a Brazilian tribute to the four suits, Espadas for Spades, Paus for Clubs, Ouros for diamonds and Copas for hearts. How could you expect anything less from Copag Cards, the world's largest playing card manufacturer? Innovation and excellence in design has been Copag's calling card for over one hundred years, and with gaming masterpieces like the EPOC deck, Copag takes the playing card to an entirely new level. An absolutely perfect - and affordable - gift for your favorite card player! Don't forget to check out all of the other amazing card and casino gaming equipment and accessories we carry as well, because when you sit down to play, it's time to get serious.
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