Pinochle Cards

At last, plastic playing cards specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of Pinochle. This exciting game is unlike any other card game, starting with the deck requirements and extending through the rules. These plastic playing cards contain only the cards necessary for Pinochle – duplicates of the 9, 10, jack, king, queen and ace of each suite. The total 48 cards do not include the 2-8 of any suites, and thus these plastic playing cards are not suitable for anything other than Pinochle.

Choosing plastic Pinochle cards from Copag offers players the chance to experience the same kind of quality, reliability, and durability that Copag has always been known to provide. Copag specializes in exceptional plastic cards, and their skill at design and production is renowned enough that they are the top choice among casinos and professional players worldwide.

When properly used and cared for, these plastic cards will last years longer than paper options. Plastic offers a lot more durability without sacrificing the attractive design that has always been a part of gaming cards. Seasoned players will enjoy the traditional imagery on these classic cards, sized and designed specifically for the needs of Pinochle.
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