Spanish Playing Cards

As a Brazilian company, Copag has tremendous respect for the traditions of card games in South America. That's why they added these to the line of outstanding Copag playing cards: traditional paper Spanish playing cards. Available in red and blue, these cards are sure to appeal to the traditionalist and newcomer alike. Their unique graphics are quite unlike what American and European players are used to, but will be familiar to players from Spain, Portugal, and throughout Latin America.

Unlike most Copag playing cards, these are made from the traditional paper. They feature a blue backing and classic Catalan faces. They are perfect to use in games like Mus, Truco, Brisca, and other Spanish favorites. With 50 cards, they can also provide an interesting alternative to decks for western players. Spanish playing cards from Copag were originally intended to be distributed only within Brazil, but Copag Cards has opened up the distribution and made them available to the worldwide audience. Enjoy the traditional side of Copag with these unique and visually dynamic cards. They're unlike the advanced plastic cards that most expect from Copag, which will make them an instant talking point when you pull them out at your next tournament, gathering, or card game night.
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